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Cable and Service Locating

Cable and service locating can help utility owners, designers, engineers and contractors avoid costly conflict or project delays; by accurately locating all cables, fibre optics or utility service pipes that are buried underground.

Specialist in Cable and Service Locating

Charter Oaks specialises in cable and service locating and are able to carry out this work nationwide with ease. We have over 20 years of experience within cable and service locating not to mention a team of individuals, that combined, gives us a wealth of knowledge within the utility mapping, and cable and service locating sector.

All cable and service locating is carried out by one of our specialist surveyors, who use the latest technologies to ensure the best possible results. Depending on the type of underground lines, we will use different detection and location methods to locate them. Our cable and service locating is second to none.

Quality Cable and Service Locating

Cable and service locating is a highly complex process, so to ensure we get the best results, we use only the best cable and service locating specialist. For more information about cable and service locating and how we can help your company, contact us on the number shown below.

Please note that many factors can affect the accuracy of the GPR system, including, without limitation, soil and other environmental conditions, electronic and radio signal interference and surface depth of pipe or cable to be locate. As such, Charter Oaks Ltd assumes no liability for the overall accuracy of the survey equipment and/or any maps prepared using the different types of equipment.