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Utility Mapping

Utility mapping offers a high quality, cost effective solution to all your utility locating needs. The use of utility mapping is needed for locating buried cables and pipes in addition to other underground obstructions or anomalies. At Charter Oaks we offer a high quality service to all of our clients, to ensure you receive the most accurate results possible.

Locating Pipes and Cables With Utility Mapping

Utility mapping is also used to detect how deep the cables and utilities are laid. This then gives you the knowledge of where to avoid. Inaccurate utility mapping can result in: costly conflicts, damages, delays, redesigns and sometimes even injuries. At Charter Oaks we understand the importance of utility mapping and use staff that only offer the highest of quality in subsurface utility locating.

We offer utility mapping to engineers, contractors and designers; and have staff to hand that have the experience required to deliver accurate high quality utility mapping.

Using Only The Newest Technologies In Utility Mapping

We also only use the latest technologies when carrying out utility mapping; and because we know and understand that each of our clients have different requirements, we treat each project different from the last. Utility mapping is stress free when carried out by Charter Oaks.

For more information utility mapping or any of the other services that we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our team of experts today.

Please note that many factors can affect the accuracy of the GPR system, including, without limitation, soil and other environmental conditions, electronic and radio signal interference and surface depth of pipe or cable to be locate. As such, Charter Oaks Ltd assumes no liability for the overall accuracy of the survey equipment and/or any maps prepared using the different types of equipment.